What really happens at the CMC Rocks camp grounds

With CMC Rocks ticket sales looming (general public goes on sale 1 October at 9am) it’s time to really solidify your planning. Which camp ground are you going to aim for? Do you want a powered site? Do any of your mates have a gazebo that will stay up the entire time? For those who have never camped before, it can seem a little daunting, but let us tell you – it’s TOTALLY worth it.

The camping capacity is being increased this year and we’re celebrating by looking back over the years when we’ve taken our artists out into the wild of the CMC Rocks camp grounds.

2016 – Morgan Evans

Remember when Morgan Evans hosted our CMC Rocks specials? This year he’s taking on the huge job of headlining, but in 2016 he went in search of the best camp site. We think that swimming pool is a great shout (or a breading ground for disease, you choose).

2016 – Sam Palladio

Nashville star Sam Palladio joined Morgan on a trip through the camp grounds and caused quite a traffic hazard.

2015 – Kristian Bush

It took a trip into the CMC Rocks camp ground for Kristian Bush to get his first taste of Vegemite!

2017 – Craig Campbell

We lost count of how many times Craig Campbell and Morgan got stopped as they tried to make it through the camp grounds!

2018 – The Davisson Brothers Band

The Davisson Brothers Band, from West Virginia, seemed right at home in the CMC Rocks camp grounds. We couldn’t pull them away – they set up shop and played a couple of songs for lucky campers.

Looking for more info on camping at CMC Rocks, or just in general? Head to www.cmcrocks.com/info/camping