Review: Jasmine Rae – If I Want To

It is a very rare and beautiful thing getting to watch an artist evolve before your very eyes. Seeing their art grow and develop into the next version of itself is like experiencing a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. Watching the evolution of Jasmine Rae is exactly this!

From Look It Up to Listen Here and now If I Want To, the country superstar has taken on a musical journey of epic proportions. The new album feels different, sounds different and takes you in from the first note holding you until the final melodies fade out. Thirteen tracks simply are not enough.

‘Rock n Roll Town’ is the first track which is a gritty anthemic blues track, kicking off the common theme throughout the album. Jasmine teams up with country music ‘it’ girl, Kellie Pickler for ‘Bad Boys Get Me Good’, proving that Jasmine has one of the strongest female vocals in music today. It leaves the listener with a track destined to become the soundtrack for any girls night out. ‘If I Want To’, ‘Why’d You Tie the Knot’ and ‘My Daddy’s Name’ share the Miranda Lambert, Kasey Musgraves philosophy of the no-holds barred girl power attitude; women are taking back control!

‘More Over Than This’, ‘These Hands’ and ‘Just Don’t Ask Me How I Am’ are perfect examples of the progression of a songwriter who manages to paint such vivid pictures for the listener with lyrics and melody. This remarkable talent is illustrated in the final song on the album, ‘First Song’. The track is performed with a unique honesty and dedicated to Jasmine’s father who passed away while she was writing the album. It allows the audience to feel the pain of her loss.

All but one of the 13 tracks Jasmine penned, also proving her fruition as an artist. She has opened her heart and invited the listener into her world. However, Jasmine’s strength comes in her ability to vocally communicate emotion with every lyric sung with such raw authenticity and passion. It makes you feel as though the song was written to help heal your wounds or fix your broken heart.

If I Want To is a shoulder to cry on, a friend to pick you up when everything around you falls apart and your best friend on a crazy night out. It is a soundtrack that creates memories for each individual listener and for me, that’s the greatest album you can have in your collection!

Words: Stef Russin (@Stefanie_Russin)

If I Want To is set for release August 2. You can pre order a signed copy by clicking through this link:

You can also see Jasmine perform as part of this year’s CMC Rocks North Queensland 2013 Festival.