Jane’s guide to festivals

Best festival moment?

Probably counting in the new year (2009) on stage in front of 15,000 people at the Falls Festival in Lorne. We were filming our B430 special there and the organisers invited me to get on stage with them and some of the headlinersto do the honours. I looked out to the happy crowd and then behind me as Franz Ferdinand were waiting patiently to play in the new year as soon as the countdown had ended.. I thought to myself, "it’s gonna be a good year"- and I was right!

Worst festival moment?

This is an old story but it is still my worst festival moment – the time I was frogmarched off stage by security during Morrissey’s set at Glastonbury Festival in the UK. I had hidden behind some flight cases and equipment side of stage and by about the 7th song got sprung by the bouncers. Moz had requested a closed set so I had breached the rules by even being there… still the first 7 songs were amazing! The security marching me off the stage was not a good look though. I was so embarrassed at being caught!

Best live set you’ve seen at a festival?

Do you know how hard it is to answer this question? It’s impossible! I’ve been to a million festivals… I could say Bloc Party atSplendour in ’07, Interpol at Glastonbury ’05, Echo and the Bunnymen at Reading ’03, Roland S. Howard at All Tomorrow’s Parties etc, etc.

Ultimate festival artist?

Dolly Parton.

Most bizarre thing you’ve seen at a festival?

I remember the Ramones in their original line-up played the Big Day Out in 1994. I was milling around backstage in the VIP section when I heard this almighty freaky scream. Tommy and Joey Ramone came running out of their trailer as there was apparently a red back spider in there and they were shit scared of it. They were trying to get their tour manager to flick it or kill it before they’d go back in. Can you believe these legendary punk rockers were terrified of a tiny spider?

Funniest thing you’ve seen at a festival?

A kid covered head to toe in wet mud at a day festival that New Order were headlining in London one year. It rained buckets and this kid was just slipping and sliding in the wet, dirty slush, completely undaunted by the mess he was in or the disgusting state he was in.He had long hair and I remember laughing as it became a molten mess of crap around his brown stained face. He looked like he’d taken a bath in shit.

Tent or room service?

Anywhere I can plug in my hair straightener and have a hot shower.

Festival food of choice?

Anthing Asian. I can’t do stodgy food at festivals as it usually clogs up my body, if you know what I mean… not the best when you have to use portaloos.

Top festival survival tip?

This one was given to me by a little known band called the Cooper Temple Clause, and they suggested hiding vodka in soda water bottles. It’s worked for me!

What bands are you most keen to see this festival season?

Pendulum (they will blow us all away), Mark Ronson (‘cos all his live shows are incredible), Tuung (because they make quality music), PVT (sheer energy) and Violent Soho (one of the best Oz rock records of 2010).