How to ask your boss for time off for CMC Rocks

The CMC Rocks festival dates have been announced for 2020, and annual leave requests are being drafted around the country.

Time off for March 20 – 22 is going to be in high demand, so you’re going to need to bring out your best reasons to get it across the line with your boss. We asked around the CMC office, and while some people were a bit shady and wouldn’t share their secrets, we did get a few options for you to try yourself.

We’re not saying your boss will take the bait (to be honest, if they did, we’d be impressed), but it’s worth a shot. Give us a yell if they work!

  1. Country music is my religion, and this is our biggest holiday of the year. I’ll be worshiping, and unavailable for work.
  2. I’ve been called up for jury duty, and can’t get out of it. They’re going the whole nine yards and we can’t contact anyone, so don’t try to call me.
  3. I’m booked for a colonoscopy. (No one wants to know about your colonoscopy.)
  4. There are expected changes to my journey to work, and it’s really not feasible for me to come in. (You don’t need to tell them that commuting from Ipswich to Hobart is the issue you’re facing)
  5. I’m a millennial, so a year at one job is like 10. I thought I was due long service leave?
  6. I already had this booked, from like three years ago. Yes, before our IT system crashed. It was definitely in there…

What if your annual leave is denied? Or you forget to put it in? We’re not condoning it, but there’s always the good old sickie.

  1. The centre for disease control rang, and apparently I’m contagious for the next four days.
  2. I ate cat food instead of tuna. It’s not pretty.

And if all else fails, no one ever questions a bout of gastro.