Girl Talk – All Day

Girl Talk is back once again with his unique brand of mash-up madness, taking instantly-recognisable hits from the last four decades of music and squeezing them through a hip-hop and electro blender to create colourful and bizarre mixtapes that certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but that are mind-bendingly ambitious in scope.

Straying from the more overtly commercial-pop flavour of 2008’s Feed The Animals, All Day takes in some more obscure and esoteric sample references, often inserted as sly one-word or one-note easter eggs that reward the keen listeners (I was pleased to hear both the screeched "woo!’ from the opening of The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ and also the wonderful ‘nnnndrop!’ from The Beastie Boys’ ‘The New Style’).

The mixes with the classic pop hits are still there (such as a daring mash-up of Young MC’s ‘Bust A Move’ with Kylie track ‘Can’t Get U Out Of My Head’), but it’s the nods to great DJ ghosts of the past which are most gratifying; samples from Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’, Ice Cube’s gangsta classic ‘It Was A Good Day’ and Mr Oizo’s ‘Flat Beat’ are among the highlights.


All Day is an album made by a music geek, for music geeks. Much as film nerds love singling out the individual obscure movie references in a Tarantino film, so too will true music boffins giggle gleefully at Girl Talk’s little-known mega mixes. Geeky but brilliant.


Tom Hoare