Fanfarlo – Reservoir

Fanfarlo deliver densely packed songs that edge close to the energy of the Arcade Fire, but never quiet stretch themselves to deliver that emotional knock-out. The music is delightfully upbeat and can capture you with its sophisticated arrangements. The vast array of instrumentation is genuinely surprising, there’s glockenspiels, clarinets, accordions and everything in-between.

However the overarching feeling is that something is missing. The tunes are sensitive, inoffensive, but rarely challenging. Fanfarlo stick close to their established ‘sound’ so the album struggles to maintain interest in the later tracks.

The instrumental ‘Good Morning Midnight’ is a refreshing direction that unfortunately closes off the album. A few more tracks with that adventurous spirit, and this record could have been killer.
‘Ghosts’ and ‘Fire Escape’ are the stand-out tracks bopping the album along nicely and building up the positive atmosphere.

This London-based outfit do nothing to stretch the folk/pop genre but do deliver a calm and considered record filled with charming tracks and some sweet pop moments. There are twinkling’s of brilliance hidden inside this meticulously crafted debut which is sure to reward those who spend enough time considering the album.


Chris Wild