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Hey fellow CMC fans!!

I've been asked to write a little something about my "going on's" in recent months, so maybe this can be like a first diary entry. (don't usually sit still long enough to write in a diary).

Some of you may already be aware that I have signed a publishing deal in Nashville and as a result have relocated to the US to pursue my LOVE of writing. I have always been a writer before a singer and a deal in the US was the big goal right from the beginning, so this hasbeen a dream come true to say the least. Who knows where it will lead, all I know is that I am blessed to have the opportunity. I am also slowly working on a new record, but letting music lead the way. When we have the right songs, we'll release it, but until then, I am so enjoying the process.

Making music is my true love, and believe it or not, it's all the behind the scenes elements that I am in love with. I could spend a life time in a studio, producing and creating, while watching my stories come to life. There is no greater experience for me. For many years I have read the liner notes of records and been impressed by the list of names that appear behind the creation of the songs that have shaped me. To now sit in a room with these people and call some of them my friends is an absolute privilege.

I am now a full time writer and I have at least one writing session a day from Monday to Friday.

The only time I don't write is when I am working in the studio and recording the songs that we feel are good enough to make it that far. (And partying, I won't lie, I'm a social butterfly)! The last couple of months have seen me write with some great writers, including Jeff Cohen,Kristian Bush, James Slater, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau, Cary Barlow, Jeremy Spillman, Jamie Paulin and many more.

It's great fun writing in the US and waving the Aussie flag. I forget how funny us Aussie's are until I'm in a room with these guys and they're laughing at the little sayings and comments that seem like the "every day" to me. I miss Australia and Australians, but am blessed to have madesuch a nice life with great friends at the opposite side of the world. (It helps when you carry four GIANT tins of Milo with you).

My album in process is a joint venture with hit song writer Jeff Cohen and Sugarland's Kristian Bush who is producing. I'm so lucky to have these guys working with me, and the musical connection we all have when in a room together is amazing. I CAN NOT wait for you to hear this music.

Although my career has been going great guns, 2010 was (behind the scenes) very tough for me, and I'm so glad that 2011 turned my world around. I sometimes kick myself for not moving to Nashville earlier, but I'm a big believer in fate and would have missed the amazing career I have had so far. I'm older and wiser now (well, the "wiser" bit maybe a stretch) and feel that my move has come exactly when it should have.

I have so much to write about, so much more to live, and my only wish is to share it all with you. You just never know, I may be sharing my story with you via the voice of another artist and it will be MY name in those liner notes!!!

Sweet dreams, good morning and stay tuned Australia, while Facebook and the internet keeps me close to you, I hope you will ride with meon a journey that has only just begun.

The luckiest girl in the world...


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