Adam Brand announces release date for new album

Adam Brand has announced the release date and track listing for his new album, My Acoustic Diary.

The album, which is aretrospective collection of thirteen carefully selected songs that span the entirety of Brand's career, as well as two newly-penned tracks, is set for release November 8.

Featuring music from throughout his 15 year career, this is likely a favourite album amongst Brandy's significant local following.

In press release for the album, Brand said, "I have decided to re-record some of these diary entries acoustically, the way they were first written… I’ve chosen songs that represent pivotal points in my life, and my growth as a songwriter and as an artist trying to find my own voice.”

The first single, 'Freedom Rebels,' can be streamed at this link -https://soundcloud.com/abcmusic/adam-brand-freedom-rebels/s-eavuU

Here is the full album track listing:


1. Freedom Rebels

2. Gone Fishin’

3. Dirt Track Cowboys

4. Last Man Standing

5. Good things In Life

6. New England Highway

7. The Anzac

8. That's Who We Are

9. Just Drive

10. Kinda Like It

11. Better Than This

12. Nothin’ Like A Good Day

13. Wondering

14. Hell Of A Ride

15. It's Gonna Be Ok

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